Aeria is the third world from the app Mega Jump.


Aeria is an enchanted land of ancient forests, glittering mines, and cloud oceans filled with majestic flying whales!


There are 20 levels like all the other worlds, 10 normal levels and the hard counterparts.

1. Mossy Cave

2. Forest Ruins

3. Critter Canopy

4. Golden Gorge

5. Rocky Drift

6. Royal Haven

7. Soaring Mines

8. Ocean Skies

9. Cloud Caravan

10. The Portal

11. Mossy Cave (Hard)

12. Forest Ruins (Hard)

13. Critter Canopy (Hard)

14. Golden Gorge (Hard)

15. Rocky Drift (Hard)

16. Royal Haven (Hard)

17. Soaring Mines (Hard)

18. Ocean Skies (Hard)

19. Cloud Caravan (Hard)

20. The Portal (Hard)


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